Trick Worm Vs Reaction Innovations Flirt

By Renee Brisendine

We have all heard anglers say the fishing is tuff.  I fished a tournament this past weekend and it certainly was true once again.  I remember the days when you could go out and catch a limit almost every time out on the water.  Now, not so much.  Now you have to work for those bites.   And since the fish have not gotten smarter, in my opinion it must be the baits and the fact that so many more anglers are on the water.  Well I can’t speak for everyone but for me this weekend was about the bait.

I am a soft plastic angler.  Love to fish Texas Rig, Shakey Head and Carolina Rig.  The water was slightly stained, Saturday morning was cloudy and Sunday was blue bird all the way.  My boater was throwing a few different things including a June Bug Trick Worm that seemed to be working for him.  I pulled out my trusty Watermelon Candy Trick Worm, BBH and Finesse Worm……..nothing worked.  So I switched to a Junebug Trick worm…….again nothing.  Now It was either me or the bait, and of course I determined it was not me :).  Then I remembered a bait that I was given recently to try, it was Reaction Innovations (RI) Flirt in Watermelon Red.


Watermelon Red


Ridges on bait helps move more water


I used the 6.25 instead of my Trick worm and started getting bites and a couple fish in the livewell.  This bait features a patented tail design that caused the tail of the worm to wave enticingly with even the slightest movement of the bait.  The bait tapers down from a thick meaty head that will stay securely on the hook to a very narrow section just above the tail for maximum movement.  The thick front 1/3 of the Flirt is flattened so it will glide like a hand pour and has forward facing ridges that will more a little more water to attract more attention.   Did I mention that this is the worm that won the 2004 FLW Championship for Luck Clausen?

While I did not win the tournament, the bait hit a home run with me.  This bait out performs the Tick Worm hands down.  Go out and get you some RI products to try.  Check your local tackle shop and if they don’t have RI, ask them to get some. You won’t be disappointed and it might just save the day of fishing for you.  You can also order online at


Tight Lines






Pro Arc Custom Fishing Rods and Don Murphy


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