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By: Kandie Candelaria (August 2014)


The fishing industry as a whole is an amazing business. When you least expect it, there is a development of a better “mouse trap” or bass trap.

The evolution of lipless and other crank baits has come into its own with rattles, lights, sounds and computer chips all in one crank bait!

Guess which company I am referring to? Yes I am referring to Livingston Lures. Started by inventor Robert Castaneda and run by CEO Fred Battah.

Its been reported that Castaneda’s love for fishing started at an early age and was fueled by his father and uncles. While other kids were collecting baseball cards Castaneda was collecting lures.

He caught his first bass while in the first grade. That experience changed his life forever. His father taught him how to catch bait fish, hook them, and cast them out to catch big bass. He would spend countless hours listening to the sounds that the bait fish would make before casting them out.

He would tell Robert, “fishing is like playing chess, only you have to outsmart the fish.” A lesson we all adhere too to this day.

The Livingston Pro Angler Team now has a total of Eight national tour anglers Brent Chapman, Randy Howell, Jacob Powroznik, Stetson Blaylock, Byron Velvick, Jeff Kriet, Hank Cherry and Andy Morgan who that all use and endorse Livingston Lures Crank baits.

I decided that I would put the Livingston Pro Ripper lipless crank bait to the test this weekend at a club tournament at Lake Fayette. Fayette County Lake was constructed by the LCRA and the City of Austin a 2,400-acre cooling pond for the Fayette Power Project. Water that is discharged into the lake creates a warm-water lake that can be fished yeararound.

Summer time fishing at Lake Fayette can be “fickled” at best, but this year it has been “hot” pun intended, as this is a power plant lake. If you are lucky enough to find them then you are in for a treat!

Fayette is a slot lake so most tournaments are “paper lakes” which means your catches are subject to be recorded on a pre-printed “StateWide Length to Weight guide Chart.

My partner for the club tournament was no other than Tim Cook,

(Tim “the tool man”) owner of Cook Industrial Tool, Inc.

http://www.cookssharpening.com and please visit his new online store @ “www.toolmanshop.com” located in New Braunfels Tx. Another one of his duties is that he is also the Toyota Texas Bass Classic Scoring and Judge Coordinator for the PAA, and State Conservation Director for Texas B.A.S.S Federation Nation.



Cook is also in line and the current leader in points to be Angler of the year for our Bass club. (Canyon San Marcos Bass Club). Here is a little history on how Cook got started.

Cook's Sharpening Service is a family business started in 1989 by Robert Cook. A wood worker for 35 years, Bob knew how he wanted his cutting tools to perform, but he could rarely find a tool sharpener who could make them live up to his expectations. With some encouragement from friends and fellow wood workers, Bob bought some equipment and started to learn a new trade. He bought saw blades from garage sales and practiced grinding on them. He then put them on the saw to check their performance. After sharpening for himself and a few friends, word got around about his ability to make tools cut "better than new". He soon was so busy, he had to quit his day job and focus on the sharpening business full time.

Tim Cook started working for his father part time in 1992 and full time in 1995 to help keep up with the growing business. After working in the shop and learning the trade for several years, Tim went on the road as the first salesman. "Something happened at that point. There was something special about seeing what our customers produced with the tools we sharpened that intrigued me. At that point I knew what I wanted to do with the rest of my life." Tim bought the business from his father in 1998 and has continued the family tradition. Cook's Sharpening now employs 4 full time "Edge Restoration Specialists" in the shop and has two sales/service representatives on the road. Tim and Bob still service customers as well. If you call the office, you may speak April Young our office manager. They look forward to developing a long term business relationship with you and your company.

Tim "the Tool Man" Cook

Cook is an avid Angler, a family man and just an “all around sharing nice” kinda guy who loves to fish and share his techniques with others. I am glad to call him a “friend”. He is very busy, some weeks logging over 1200 miles to visit clients and service his customers. Cook always strives to include time on the water to be the best at what he does, and still manages to put and make time for “family first” on his agenda. For sure Cook is a “keeper” ask his wife Lorrie, but enough about Cook. Lets get into the fishing!

We managed, with Cooks pre-fishing strategies and pre-fishing activities, to locate and find a school of 3-4 lbers in the PARK PRAIRIE PARK area.. What an awesome hour and a half of fishing! It was one of those “special days of fishing” that doesn’t happened very often but that you do not easily forget. I personally do not remember the last one I have had. It was one of those “every cast” you made you “had a fish “type of days where you where throwing back 3lbers because they did not make the cut! During the bass frenzy Cook managed to get a hook imbedded in his hand (#4 size treble hook up to the bend) while there was a 20”plus largemouth bass thrashing about on the front set of the treble hooks! “Ouch!” We managed to get the bass off the front set of hooks and then preceded to take care of the back set which was still imbedded in his hand. Cook carefully removed the treble hook away from the lipless crank bait so that only the hook was in his hand. After measuring and recording the weight we proceeded to address the “other issue”.


“Have you ever done the line trick to get a hook out?” Cook asked. “ of course I responded.”

FYI: I was, in my other life, I was a Registered Nurse and felt like how hard could this be. Of course I have seen numerous videos on this technique but not wanting to “alarm” my patient I said “oh yes no problem”. (I had had a similar experience on my own hand and remembered the episode quite vividly. Mind you my hands were wet and sore from “setting bass” so my first attempt was not the result we needed. On my second attempt and re-evaluating the situation we managed to get the hook out and not “skipping a beat” we continued fishing with much success! We caught over 40 keepers! Well me 10 keepers and 2 shorts and Cook was on fire with the rest!


Brian Washburn

I used 2 different well known established lipless crank baits during the tournament. All worked well, but there were several nuances that I noticed and encountered. First while one was catching fish it seemed to catch smaller ones than the other. Was it due to body style or numbers of bb’s in the chambers, or that one was a slow falling almost suspend type?

One seemed to get tangled in the line more than the other. Both are pretty comparable in price, $2 apart in 3 of the well known lipless cranks. Livingston lures does have sound via a computer chip and rattles.

Hard to come to a solid conclusion on this one trial other than they did both really well. So it boils down to good ole confidence. So with 8 National Pros on the band wagon and with Randy Howells ‘ recent win at the 2014 Bassmaster Classic I say try Livingston lures and judge for yourself. I know I will be giving it another trial run for sure. FYI managed to come in 3rd, best finish so far. Thanks Tim!

Tight Lines, remember sun screen, hydrate and wear that Life jacket!

Take a kid fishing it will put a smile on your face and a good feeling in your heart!

FYI: On 5th Annual Soldiers on the Water Event will be held on Oct 25th at Lake Bastrop North Shore…..if interested in taking a Soldier out please notify me @ kandie@gvtc.com we always need Captains and the food is always good!










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