by V H Cottrell


Representing Beddinfield High School, Wilson NC

Matthew Shrewsbury (L) & Tyler Dunn (R).



60 boats representing 30 states found their way to Kentucky Lake in Paris Tenn for some bass fishing in the Bassmaster High School National Championship. One team, Tyler Dunn & Matthew Shrewsbury from North Carolina, found their way to the top.

The process of elimination resulted in 10 boats fishing on day 4. All teams fished the first 2 days. After 2 days the field was cut to 30 boats and MOVED to Carrol County 1000 Acre Reservoir. The weights were zeroed. After day 3 the field was cut again to 10 and those 10 boats fished day 4 for the National Championship.

Tyler and Matthew started their tournament and after Day one they had 1 (1) fish for 1 lb 15 ozs sitting in 50th place.

Day 2 showed better for them with (3) fish for 12 lbs 4 ozs sitting in 27th Place giving them what they needed to make the cut and advanced to Carrol County.

Day 3 with excitement to contain, they weighed in (2) fish 8 lbs 4 ozs. This gave them 1st Place and enabled them made the cut again to top 10. They would be Boat #1 Championship morning!!

Day 4 found them once again against the fish. They brought in (1) fish for 14 ozs and ended up in 5th Place overall for the Championship. They lost a 4 pounder at boat, it jumped and threw the hook (while ESPN was Filming it ALL). Everyone that saw the fish including Tommy Sanders of ESPN said it was the WINNING fish!!! 1st Place had 2lbs 5 ozs more than Tyler and Matt.

Matt attends Southwest Edgecombe High School.


They are going to be interviewed by Mandy Mitchell of WRAL TV 5 on July 30th at Lake Gaston (NC).


Tyler Dunn (L), Boat Captian Mark Williamson, Matt Shrewsbury











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